Returning Home: Stroke-Sufferer, Faith Aeilts, Regains Independence and the Ability to Return Home with the Assistance of Dominion Senior Living of Louisville and Empower Me Wellness

Sometimes, we just need a little help.

In the spring of 2023, Faith Aeilts suffered from a stroke and lost her ability to live independently. For many, suffering a serious health set-back means the end to “normal” life and a new normal becomes necessary. This could very well have been the case for Faith. The stroke had left her unable stand, walk or perform common daily tasks. Although faced with the possibility that she may never be able to live independently again, Faith knew that if she just gave up, she definitely would never be able to.

Determined, Faith found Dominion Senior Living of Louisville’s assisted living community who offer on-site access to Empower Me Wellness, a customized physical, occupational and speech therapy service. Not only did she find a community that helped her feel at home with their apartment-style rooms, nursing care to help her as she healed, and home-cooked meals, Faith also had the ease of being able to attend therapy with little to no inconvenience to herself.

Although it took nearly a year of therapy, Faith stuck with the program, always giving it her best. Early 2024, she returned home — still on the road to recovery but able to live independently once more.

Empower Me Wellness has partnered with Dominion Senior Living at four of their locations (Louisville, KY; Frankfort, KY; Hixon, TN and Sevierville, TN) since 2021 and has helped many of Dominion’s residents improve their quality of life. Both the Empower Me Wellness team and Dominion team deem Faith to be an extraordinary woman whose perseverance, faith and determination are what allowed her to return home.

Faith would say that, “if you have a goal, simply try your best”.

Congratulations, Faith!

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