Good for Your Heart? Good for Your Brain!


Dominion Senior Living | Residents playing with balloons and pool noodles

Athens, Tenn. (April 2024) — Dominion Senior Living of Athens welcomes Larry Griffin to the team as Executive Director. Griffin is joining Dominion with 28 years of industry experience and 19 years as an Executive Director.  

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Griffin attended Southern Adventist University and graduated with a double major in Business and Long-Term Healthcare. He and his family have remained in Southeast Tennessee while Griffin has pursued his career in the senior living industry. Griffin’s desire has always been to show God’s love to the residents, residents’ families and team members daily by showing God’s love through his every word, action and deed.

“I am excited to be part of this amazing team of people here in Athens.  I am looking forward to many happy years of service to the senior population here in McMinn County and the surrounding area,” Griffin said.

“We are excited to have Larry join the Dominion team. His experience, leadership skills and caring personality will make him the perfect candidate for serving the residents and family members of Dominion of Athens,” said Doug Veazy, COO of Dominion Senior Living.

Griffin and his wife of 30 years, Robin, have four children: Alexandra, Tyler, Victoria and Isabella. They also have two dogs, Tilly and Henry. You can find him working in his yard among his plants and flowers during his free time.


Dominion Senior Living of Athens is a premier senior living community with assisted living and memory care apartments for seniors. Dominion Senior Living strives to operate with the mission, “Honoring God through Service to Seniors.”

Located in the heart of Athens, Dominion Senior Living provides a secure, attentive, homelike atmosphere while offering a full range of helpful services to those looking for a senior living community in McMinn County.

Dominion Senior Living is part of a family of senior living communities throughout the eastern United States owned and/or operated by Dominion Senior Living of Knoxville, Tenn. Dominion Senior Living specializes in offering independent living, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care services.

Dominion Senior Living of Athens is located at 2090 West Madison Avenue
Athens, TN 37303. More information can be found by calling (423) 405-3075 or by visiting their websiteat 

Stay Sharp Throughout Your Whole Lifetime

Physical fitness is a sound investment for any stage of life. It’s good for your heart. So, it’s no surprise research shows it’s good for your brain, too!

Recent studies in anthropology link both physical activity and the need for social interaction to larger brains for humans. It seems the need to endure physical demands of hunting and to plan effective hunt strategies helped mold the structure of our brains.

Scientific support for the link between physical activity and brain health, from childhood to old age, is growing. Just as regular exercise helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, it also can help reduce the risk of age-related decline in memory, language skills, thinking, and judgment.

Research is underway to determine whether exercise can help delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Observational studies have linked physical activity, normal blood pressure and diabetes control with changes in risk. Even if research does not find direct evidence that exercise slows or prevents dementia, investing in exercise will still pay off. Just think of the improvement you will make in your overall health–how that translates into reduced costs for health care. Think, too, of how much more fun life can be!

Add problem-solving to exercise for a personal body and brain workout some call the Golden Duo. Test results for people who regularly play memory games and do aerobic exercise, like walking, show they earn higher scores in cognitive performance. The key is regular workouts.

Where do you start? Check with your doctor about which physical activities are appropriate for you. Then, check with yourself to see what learning or problem-solving activities you enjoy. Think of it as mind aerobics. Look for ways to exercise both your body and brain, like tai chi, dance, photography hikes, zoo walks, or nature walks.

For brain workouts, try activities that require creativity, strategy or planning. Learn something new. Have you ever wanted to play a musical instrument, make pottery, write poetry or knit? What about solving puzzles, brain teasers or mysteries? Would you like to paint, design a garden or play computer games?

Be active with others. Do volunteer work or join a group. Enjoy discussions about books, movies, hobbies or current events. When we continue to interact with people and build relationships, we are building brain fitness, too! Contact us to learn more.

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