Top 5 Reasons to Move into Assisted Living

Top 5 Reasons to Move into Assisted Living

National Nurses Week: May 6-11

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Within the senior living industry, and most assuredly at Dominion Senior Living, nurses serve as the backbone of care, offering not just medical expertise but also emotional support and companionship to residents. From administering medications to assisting with daily activities, they ensure that seniors receive the attention and assistance they need to thrive in their later years. Beyond their clinical duties, these nurses forge deep connections with residents, becoming trusted confidants and advocates for their well-being. Whether it’s lending a listening ear or providing a comforting presence, they go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

This year, in honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, Dominion Senior Living has asked several of our dedicated nurses why they do what they do. This is what they said:

Mary Layne, who has worked for Dominion for over three years, loves working with seniors because she was primarily raised by her grandmother. She states, “I feel like by working with seniors I’m giving back to her in some way.”

Brittany Harris, who has worked for Dominion for nearly a year, enjoys working with seniors for their company, conversation, wisdom, honesty and their love for others. She claims, “I love helping others, and always thought I would be a doctor, but once I started caring for seniors, I knew nursing was for me.”

Megan Roberts, who has worked for Dominion for over six years, loves learning the resident’s histories, serving them with the best possible care and being their protectors. She chose to become a nurse because she has always been nurturing and caring towards others, and she felt nurse was a good fit.

Sheila Young, who has worked for Dominion for just three months, can’t get enough of the stories her residents have of their achievements, dreams and families. She chose nursing because she “wanted to provide care for others when they needed it most, when they are unable to care for themselves.”

Jessica Reece, who has worked for Dominion for nearly six years, grew up helping to take care of her grandmother after she had a stroke, which she credits to playing a large part in her decision to become a nurse. She feels like it is an honor to be trusted to take care of someone’s parent.

At Dominion Senior Living, nurses make a significant difference in the lives of seniors by providing not only essential medical care but also companionship, empathy, and emotional support. Through their dedication and compassion, nurses enhance the quality of life for seniors, fostering a sense of security, dignity, and connection in their later years. As we reflect on their invaluable role, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to these extraordinary individuals who continue to make a profound difference in the lives of our residents and their families each and every day.

To all of the Dominion nurses who work round-the-clock to love and care for our residents, thank you!

There are many reasons to consider moving into an assisted living community. While motivation can vary from needing help, to looking for companionship, assisted living facilities can drastically improve your quality of life and overall wellness.

These communities, like Dominion Senior Living, offer a wide variety of services for seniors with many different care needs and personalities. It’s important to understand that these communities, including Dominion Senior Living, embrace resident choice and allow residents to have control in their day-to-day lives.

Let’s explore some of the top reasons you may choose to move into assisted living.

Safe Environment

Assisted living communities provide a safe, comfortable, and secure environment to continue living a high-quality life. It’s not uncommon for seniors living alone to feel unsure about their safety. Older adults are particularly susceptible to things like burglary or injury as a result of living alone. By nature, communal living lends itself to being safer than living alone in the house. Similarly, in the case of a health emergency, trained and caring staff are ready to assist 24 hours a day.

Socialization Opportunities

Socialization with other seniors is a big part of why we see people thrive in our assisted living communities. As a whole, regular socialization leads to happier and healthier seniors. When living alone, many seniors do not get an opportunity to interact with others as much as they need due to transportation or health reasons. Residing in an assisted living community, like Dominion Senior Living, means friends are just an apartment away! There is always someone willing to play a game, listen to music, enjoy a snack, listen to music or attend community events with on a daily basis.

Care When Needed

We all need help from time to time. You may be thinking, but I don’t need it! A benefit of assisted living is that there’s someone there to help when necessary. While living alone, there is no one to share in daily responsibilities like dressing, bathing, cleaning, and cooking. In assisted living, there’s always a smiling and friendly face to help should you need it one day. With less time spent on necessary tasks and upkeep, you are free to have fun and do what you enjoy!

Delicious, Healthy Meals

Living alone can make cooking difficult. Cooking feels like a chore when it has to be completed day-in and day-out, multiple times a day. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient just to eat a pre-packaged frozen dinner. Unfortunately, neither of those options are particularly healthy. Assisted living gives you the ability to get healthy and delicious food for every meal paired with the convenience of it being available in the dining room. At Dominion Senior Living, food is prepared with residents in mind, from likes and dislikes to dietary restrictions there’s something for every taste.


Because of mobility declines as we age, driving becomes an intimidating experience. Assisted living helps remove the worry and stress associated with driving or coordinating transportation. Here at Dominion Senior Living, we provide group transportation for shopping and appointments. We also offer coordination of transportation for our residents outside of our regular outings.


Dominion Senior Living offers assisted living services to seniors living in Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Our faith-based communities seek to honor God through service to seniors, and we are committed to proving excellence. To learn more about our assisted living services, please contact an assisted living expert.

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